A visit to The Lion King

15 May 2024

A group of SGV users, volunteers and supporters gathered in Bigbury Close, for refreshments prior to a much-anticipated visit to a West End Theatre show.

It was a perfect opportunity to mingle and share our excitement for the iconic show we were about to see. After everyone arrived and enjoyed the refreshments, we boarded the coach ready for the journey through London.

The drive to the Lyceum Theatre was filled with lively conversation and the bustling sights of the busy city. As we travelled through the streets of London, we were filled with amazement at the blend of modern and historical buildings, iconic landmarks and the vibrant life that characterises London. The coach provided a comfortable, convenient way to navigate through the city’s traffic, allowing us to relax and build up our anticipation for the show.

Upon arrival at the Lyceum Theatre, we were greeted by a representative who provided us with exceptional hospitality, and ushered us to our seats, allowing us to bypass the long queue. A big relief for those with mobility problems. This allowed us to settle comfortably in our seats.

The show itself was nothing short of fantastic. The colourful costumes, stunning sets and the powerful performances brought the story of the Lion King to life in an extraordinary way.

During the interval we were treated to ice cream and refreshments which added to the overall delightful experience.

For some it’s an amazing first-time experience to see a live magical West End show and visit London. Our journey home met with challenges as the coach navigated through the congested traffic. Despite this the atmosphere on the coach remained cheerful. As each one recalled their favourite moments and songs from the show. Everyone enjoyed sharing the day together and appreciated the sheer joy and friendship shared.

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