Trip to Brighton

25 June 2024

Our trip to Brighton began with a meeting at Bigbury Hub, where we had refreshments prior to setting off. As we mingled and enjoyed our drinks, the outlook for the two and half hours journey ahead was not so daunting.

Boarding the coach was easy and to our surprise, we were greeted by a familiar face. Our driver who had expertly navigated us on all of our previous trips was once again to the helm. His presence put everyone at ease, knowing we were in capable hands.

Our journey to Brighton was met with heavy traffic, which slowed our journey considerably. We entertained ourselves with an iconic musical quiz, by naming the original singers. At the end of the quiz , all the songs were played and we sung along to them. Prizes were shared out to all who participated.

After the prolonged enjoyable ride, we finally arrived in Brighton. The delay caused by the traffic did little to dampen our excitement. The picturesque view of the coastline and the vibrant atmosphere of the city greeted us as we embark from the coach.

On arrival we went straight to the seafood restaurant, where we were served with the most delicious fish and chips. After lunch everyone went off to explore their place of interests and we arranged to meet up at 4.30pm for afternoon tea. We had dainty selections of Victoria sponges, variety of scones and chocolate cupcakes were served on the Terrace overlooking the clear blue sea. We were given boxes of the remaining goodies to take home.

Our trip to Brighton was a delightful experience, some delighted in a swim in the sea, walking along the pebbled beach, visiting the pavilion and the pier and others went shopping.

Despite of the heavy traffic back to London the trip was a great success. The lovely weather, delicious seafood, the pampering afternoon tea and the group’s bonding promoted a sense of well being.The day spent in Brighton was filled with enjoyment making it one of the most memorable experience for all involved.

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